Foxy low-slug pop sung by Siamese Opera Singers.

Photography (this page) by Steve Parke

Photography (this page) by Steve Parke

“With their glittering get-ups, engaging social media presence, and ambitious attitude, Peabody grads Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish have catapulted themselves onto the local arts scene and created their very own genre along the way.” –Baltimore Magazine

The vocal pop duo Outcalls has been dubbed the “electronic opera queens” of Baltimore. Led by Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish, both classically-trained musicians, Outcalls creates genre-defying pop music that counters the tired narratives pervading much of today’s popular songs. With compelling live shows that feature melodic and harmonic surprises, their voices can tickle your ear hairs one second and shake your teeth the next.

No King, the latest EP, features “art pop songs” that unfold in chapters and have a cinematic quality. Unconventional band arrangements layer acoustic and electronic elements to create refreshing, dance-inducing, woman-fronted hits. The duo's latest single "Keep Falling Over" was voted the #1 Song of 2018 by 89.7 WTMD radio listeners in Baltimore.

Olsen-Ecker and Wimbish are dedicated to actively building a stronger, more sustainable future for women in the music industry, both publicly and behind the scenes. Their innovative music and lyrical content offers a fresh, feminist perspective. Beyond the music itself, these bandleaders are creative risk-takers seeking greater independence as engineers and sound designers in the recording studio.

Outcalls has toured throughout the northeastern U.S. and Canada. Their last single, “Stay,” was released on 2/14/2019.

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